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Think Like A Pony Instructor

Through Think Like A Pony you can learn about every aspect of horsemanship. From understanding why horses behave the way they do, how to exercise and help your horse develop and improve both on the ground and in the saddle. How to work in harmony and as one with your horse through balanced riding. 

This combined with good health and diet helps the horses and ponies to gradually build up their confidence with a good physical and psychological attitude to being ridden.

The ethos of Think Like A Pony is to inspire, educate and empower young people through riding. 

This holistic approach to our horses and ponies helps us to work on developing leadership skills that enable us to build a relationship based on trust. 
Through good body language, the use of phases and being consistent and predictable we start to build a good relationship with our horses and ponies as well as teaching us why clear rules and boundaries are important. It is only then when we can start to develop confidence, empathy, responsibilty and respect for not only ourselves but those around us.

It is effective in helping all ages to excel as riders and trainers. 

Since completing my instructor training I have worked at Think Like A Pony in Leeds. I now offer riding and groundwork lessons, both 
freelance and here at Newsholme Manor with your own horse/pony

Cost of lessons from 1st May 2021:
For me to travel to you:
1 hour (private) lesson: £30.00
1 hour joint (2 people) lesson: £17.50 each (£35 in total)

The cost of travel, within a 10 mile radius of me, is included in the price of a lesson.
A contribution towards fuel is required for distances over 10 miles.

For you to travel to me:
1 hour (private) lesson: £25.00
1 hour joint (2 people) lesson: £15.00 each (£30 in total)



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