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Newsholme Manor
Take Out Buffet Menu 2021


Menu 1
Fresh cut sandwiches (roast ham, tuna, cheese savory, egg & cress)

Menu 2
Fresh cut sandwiches (roast ham, tuna, cheese savory, egg & cress)
Scones served with jam and cream

Menu 3
Fresh Cut Sandwiches (roast ham, tuna, cheese savory, egg & cress)
Sausage rolls, Mushroom & Onion vol-au-vonts, Hash pasty
Scones served with butter, jam and cream
A Cup of Fresh Filter Coffee or Yorkshire Tea

Please note:
- Our mayonnaise is made with eggs and mustard
-The cheese savory contains celery and mayonnaise
- Bread and Scones contain wheat

If the buffet menus are not suitable, or a gluten free option is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available for collection or delivery.
(Delivery is available free of charge if the order is for 10 or more people)

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